Since its inception in 1969, Leon Richman Design has been specializing in the creation of brand-building packaging for products of all types, sizes and varying needs. The collective practical experience of our professional family, as well as our backgrounds in design, illustration, typography, advertising and three-dimensional form, give us the unequaled scope of talent to match our vision to your brand, and follow it through to successful completion. Our longevity and client loyalty is a testament to the degree of excellence we provide at every level. We invite you to become part of our continuing success story.

Leon Richman

Creative Director

In his last year of high school, Leon accepted a scholarship to attend the Art Center College of Design, enabling him to further expand upon his many artistic talents, with a particular focus on Graphic Design. It wasn’t long before he started his own design firm, which grew steadily in size and reputation, consistently drawing in more and larger clients based on the successes of each project. His dedication to superior design has kept the success stories coming, not just for himself, but for all of his clients as well.

Carlos Delgado

Account Executive

While attending Art Center College of Design, Carlos specialized and excelled in illustration. He came to Leon Richman Design in 1983, adding his master’s touch to every project. From photo-realism, to stylized illustration, to photographic retouching, his images often became the focal point of the finished package designs. He is a versatile member of the team, serving as a designer, illustrator, creative director, account executive and vice-president for the firm.